CHOIRNEVALE (2013-2016)

Sat 12 Mar
Choirnevale - Afenginn feat classical choir and marimba

Classical choir tradition and original contemporary worldmusic clashes in an innovative meeting between two worlds. Choirnevale is a carnival of the original - a fantastic concert, crossing traditions and nationalities! 

The Choirnevale concert is captivating, original music for Afenginn, marimba- and vibraphone-player Kaare Munkholm and a classical choir. The fundamental idea is to put together an instrumental folk ensemble with a local choir and make them work together to create a fantastic concert suite.

A long 90 minute “Choir/Afenginn symphony” concert can be done, or can be transformed to different options to make shorter concerts or intermissions. 

 >> Watch a 2-min presentation video here


Mon 14 Mar


In 2012 we turned ten years old as a band and we decided to celebrate these first ten years making a spectacular show on a theater! 

It was called DECENNIALE (as in something happening every ten years) and we invited some fantastic guest musicians: 
Bent Clausen (Tom Waits, New Jungle Orchestra , etc) on the marimba/vibraphone/percussion and Mads Hyhne (New Jungle Orchestra, Bugpowder, Mew) on the trombone. Besides that there was three masculine singers (David Wijkman, Magnus Vassbotn and Jonathan Ingvald) taking hugely care of the choir parts. 
AND there was a dancer (Kristina Ougaard Sørensen) moving around in the amazing scenery made by the very talented Samal Blak. 

All three shows were sold out!

 >> Watch a video here


Sat 12 Mar
In 2010 Afenginn was asked to collaborate with the Cross Connection Ballet Company in creating Copenhagen Summer Ballet at the Bellevue Theatre 

The Cross Connection Ballet Company were looking for a fresh expression for this summer ballet, something different and non pretentious, and then we came across. SOMA refers to the the box design developed by danish artist Piet Hein and the choreography was built around these boxes. 

Doing rehearsals in the Royal Ballet studios, stage rehearsals at the theatre, costume rehearsals, discussing choreography, playing in total darkness – the SOMA project was a fantastic experience in the world of ballet. We are still impressed by these modern ballet dancers working extremely hard with their bodies to accomplish beauty for our music – respect and thanks goes to the CCBC!

 >> Watch a video from one of the performances here


Sat 12 Mar
REPTILICA POLARIS - the tour, is a remarkable concert with 14 musicians on stage performing the award-winning album "Reptilica Polaris" live. Choir, brass and syntax error poetry! 

Afenginn's third album "Reptilica Polaris" is a concept album containing male choir singing in a homemade language, referred to as "street latin", a 12-piece brass band and several other instruments. It is made as one long piece, almost like a symphony, without breaks and with themes and motifs reoccuring in different modes throughout the piece. 

In 2008 Afenginn made a tour performing the complete album "Reptilica Polaris" live with four male singers, three brass musicians and a bassplayer (Aske Jacoby, who was playing bass in Afenginn, played guitar on this tour), making it a total of 14 people on stage. 

The concert started with a Reptilica Ouverture, specially composed to this concert, and continued with a complete performance of "Reptilica Polaris", and some tunes from "Akrobakkus" and "Retrograd" as an encore, making it a long and powerful concert. 

The Reptilica Polaris Tour was performed in Denmark and Germany during 2008. 

FRANK LONDON (2007 & 2010)

Sat 12 Mar


DaNY Arts 

In 2007 and 2010 Afenginn took part in the DaNy Arts project working with New York trumpet player Frank London (The Klezmatics). 

In 2007, as a part of the Danish Arts Council project DaNY Arts, Afenginn participated in Global Village – a project initiated by Copenhagen based musician Dalia Faitelson and NY based Nili Belkin making musicians from NY and Denmark working together. Afenginn was collaborating with the klezmer legend Frank London in concerts in NYC. This was a truly great experience for us and a few years later we met up again in the Global Village DK/NY 2010, where the NY musicians came to Denmark. Again, we had a great time playing with Frank!

NORDLYD - SYMPHONY (2005-2006)

Sat 12 Mar
The Nordlyd concerts were built up around Afenginn’s music, arranged and orchestrated for a complete symphony orchestra and performed with Afenginn plus the big orchestra on stage. As an addition to the concerts featured a “Nordic Symphony” written by Kim